About Dina and Gregg

What is The Dina and Gregg Show?

The Dina & Gregg Show is one part social experiment gone wrong and one part public humiliation torture twisted into a mangled mash of hilarity, reality and in your face queerdom. Don’t worry we’re equal opportunists, we make fun of everyone, especially our selves. Dina and Gregg met five years ago at a place we dare not name and were born out of shared despise for the human race when they one day realized that they too were indeed, if one would call them, human. They have terrorized audiences with their self indulgent humor and mishap adventures ever since. Their radio show sprung forth as if from the womb of Hera herself when the two were groping for a way for their stories to be proclaimed through out the republic over and over and over again. The jist is that a tranny and a gay boy got together and were told that they were funny and they believed it and now you can hear their show as if by magic through the the means of electronic communication devices.

Dina and Gregg

Who is Gregg Potter?

If you’ve ever had to run and run fast then you know how Gregg Potter felt when he was 18 years old living in a small town in Wisconsin. Somehow, through tryst and turmoil the young lad ran into the g arms of a wanton mistress known as the City of Sin. In Las Vegas he put his drinking skills to good use, learned to play craps AND studied Theatre Performance at UNLV. Many find it daunting to actually make it through a year of studies in Las Vegas but Gregg rose above the odds to earn his BFA.

While in Las Vegas he came to life on stage and eventually migrated toward the gayest city on earth (where people shit rainbows and glitter), Los Angeles. Gregg is pursuing his goal of being a writer, actor, comedian and entertainer. He has been blessed to work with the likes of many celebrities such as Dina Martinez and don’t forget Dina Martinez.

Who is Dina Martinez?

Dina Martinez too attempted to run, for years, but her favored activity these days tends to be watching “Sweating to The Oldies” from the comfort of her couch with her two favorite boys Ben and Jerry. Dina has been entertaining crowds since she was a petite young boy in small town Texas. She went from singing in the Baptist Youth Choir to donning a pair of heels and lipsynching to Tens of Tens of people. She is an accomplished singer songwriter, an actress, a cabaret entertainer, a pageant girl and a budding comedian. She may not have gotten a degree form a fancy schmancy university like her counter part, but she’s earned a WTF in Transgender Studies from the School of Hard Knocks.

This native Texas Transy girl has resided in Los Angeles for the past five years overturning stages, moving hearts and revolting crowds to the amazement of her Family and childhood clergy. Seeing how venues keep inviting her back, she continues to put her best breast forward…Oh, and it’s the right one and it’s only gonna get bigger.

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