Ep. 41: Good Friends, Good Wine

It’s another Dina & Gregg Show Comedy Podcast with news about the Housewives Series and  Alabama Rhino, the Single Life’s new intern, and our friend Christina.  Alabama and I discuss feminine hygene, Jessie J, Matt Cardle and Lady Gaga.  Then Gregg, Alabama, Sammy and I discuss dating, Perez Hilton, and the Today Show in addition … Read more

Ep. 33: Poor Julian with guest Julian Clark

Dina and Gregg got actor/comedian Julian Clark in the studio for this show and we don’t know quite what happened. Apparently Julian likes to talk about himself, and we all know Dina likes to talk about herself. One would have expected this to be an egotistical screaming match but somehow they managed to cover all … Read more

Ep. 24 Blurry Humiliation

Dina and Gregg invite their friend Roxie on the show to discuss some fun topics like Margeret Cho on Dancing with the Stars, the hotness status of Rob Lowe and of course boobs. Roxie then shares her career path with the two of them and they somehow get on the topic of penis humiliation. For … Read more