Dina & Gregg Show – Episode 4.2: One Time When I Was 6!


If Joe and Mika can act a fool on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, then there is justification for this Dina and Gregg Show episode.  It is all over the place. First the announcement of their 100th Episode is made.  They follow

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Dina & Gregg Show – Cycle 4 Episode 1: Back In The Saddle


Dina and Gregg are back in the “saddle” again with a new location, new topics, new founded views on life, yet they still sound exactly the same.  We learn about the amazing work they have been up to like AfterEllen.com’s 40 Hot Queer Women in Comedy and the new Project Kinect. We also learn about the not-so work they are doing at the Yum Yum Festival.  After they get control of their egos, they offer words on the passing of Joan Rivers, discuss the cloud raining nude pictures, and what is happening now with gay marriage in Wisconsin and Indiana. You must listen though to hear their big announcement!

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