Ep 3.6: The Cost of Dina and All Her Parts

Published on 13 Feb, 2012 by DiGN2It Radio in Comedy, Dina And Gregg Show – Cycle 3, GLBT, Listen On Demand, Pop Culture, Shows, Spirituality Nothing says online education quite like a math word problem that involves Dina Martinez’s genitalia.  We learn about Gregg’s uphill battle studying for the GRE.  He has some crazy thought … Read more

We’re starting a new year!!!

Dina and I are about to go in a record our first show of our new year. Until this gets released though, this is our reminder to get caught up on our last year. So, take an hour and listen to our “Best Of” Show. That will pretty much get you ready for a new … Read more

LIVE SHOW TODAY! July 3rd, 2010

Hey you guys! Happy Independence Day everyone!!! We’re excited to let you all know that TODAY…6/3/2010 we’ll be LIVE again! Today we’ll be going live from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. Yes, it’s true!!! LIVE! and you will have your chance to call in and chat to us! Hot Talk LA LIVE … Read more

Whole Lotta Love!

OMFG! So I’m on iTunes today, just looking through the new releases. I’m just browsing through and I saw new Mary J. Blige. It’s her covering Zepplin! WHAT?!?! Yes…”Stairway To Heaven”! Holy Shit!!! I click to look at the tracks on the single and it’s that and….Wait for it…”Whole Lotta Love” WTF?? Just the best … Read more