Ep 3.6: The Cost of Dina and All Her Parts

Published on 13 Feb, 2012 by DiGN2It Radio in Comedy, Dina And Gregg Show – Cycle 3, GLBT, Listen On Demand, Pop Culture, Shows, Spirituality Nothing says online education quite like a math word problem that involves Dina Martinez’s genitalia.  We learn about Gregg’s uphill battle studying for the GRE.  He has some crazy thought … Read more

Whole Lotta Love!

OMFG! So I’m on iTunes today, just looking through the new releases. I’m just browsing through and I saw new Mary J. Blige. It’s her covering Zepplin! WHAT?!?! Yes…”Stairway To Heaven”! Holy Shit!!! I click to look at the tracks on the single and it’s that and….Wait for it…”Whole Lotta Love” WTF?? Just the best … Read more