Ep. 43: Whole Kat & Kaboodle

Gregg finally made it back to L.A. so he could actually get into the Adam and Eve Lounge and record some new podcasts with Dina Martinez. I think that is why they call themselves The Dina and Gregg Show. Thank god this is free comedy because I don’t know what else they would be doing. Well Gregg caught us up on Project Kinect and what isn’t so Project Kinect. He found out how Dina is creating her standup comedy career. This radio podcast had to move forward so they got Katherine Brooks on the phone for an interview on her new film in the making, Face2Face. Of course, with in two seconds in, Gregg offends Kat but she handles it pretty well. Thank god Gregg got into the studio because Hottalk Los Angeles was missing both Dina and Gregg in the studio for their audio podcast that truly is Radio Redefined.