Ep. 44: Together Again

Sammy’s got an angel watching over her ass while we open our talk radio show with text speak.  That’s why Dina is ROTFLMAO OTI while Gregg refuses to participate with the Dina Decoder.  We bid adios to Borders and hello to Ten Forward and DiGN2It (http://dign2it.com) with Project Kinect (http://projectkinect.com). In preparation of our 2 year anniversary we catch up with what is happening in our worlds.  From hanging out with Langdon Brosarge of Langdon Nation, bad kissers and  are we all good at sex like we say we are? to Comedy with Dina and our rediscovery of “Campus Ladies” and “Doctor Who”, we cover everything. We also enjoy the music of V.V. Brown, and Paloma Faith brought to you by Dina’s Pop Explosion on Error FM (http://errorfm.com).