Ep. 45: Amuse Bouche

As we approach our 2nd year of the Dina & Gregg Show podcast we welcome back one of our past guests, Grant Landry. We catch up with Gregg and his adventures (http://ProjectKinect.com) with a Spanish god, his obsession with Tru TV and the repo show. Grant joins in to talk about Season 2 of The Cavanaughs.  We heard Gregg’s mangina story. We discuss Gay Pride month and cruises for overweight individuals. Grant tells us what it’s like to be in Volumpcity and we take a wrong turn at a Plus Sized Whore House while speculating on what a cruise would be like. Gregg stumbled onto the Madison Gay Video Club which we find out is like Oprah’s Book Club, but for gay porn. Dina goes into a dissertation of condom use and the importance of safe sex for  HIV/AIDS prevention. We discuss Sarah Palin’s knowledge of history, Michelle Bachman’s challenge, we touch on Wiener Gate, hot Republicans, XFactor, The Voice, and American Idol.

Featuring the music of:

Devin Tait – Winnipeg Beach
Kimberly Cole – Smack You
Culture Club – Church of The Poison Mind from Dina’s Pop Explosion on ErrorFM (http://errorfm.com)

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