Ep. 46: Trans-E-Thon!

Dina & Gregg welcome funny man Ian Harvie with guest co-host Langdon Bosarge from “Langdon Nation”.  This podcast is an hour and a half raido gold, not even gold it’s a Trans-E-Thon.  Where is Jerry Lewis when you need him.  The three of us discuss everything from Dating, to comedy to Transgender issues while poor Ian dodges Langdon’s advances. What is the outlook for Dina’s new career as a nurse?  What is your take on the crystal deoderant? We discuss Ian’s Sober Comedy tour with Felon O’Riley and Amy Dresner, our own recoveries or rather un-recoveries.  We brought back the 90s and Dirty Dancing.  Don’t forget “The Maine Comedy Festival and Golf Tournament”. Ian’s trips to Australia, Aussie Hospitality and his fondness for Arnold Palmers. How do you fill that achyness? Stalking? You’ll also get to hear our favourite story of Ian & Jackie Monahan’s porn theatre tours!

Music by:
Kylie Minogue – All The Lovers
Alex Gaudino – I’m In Love (I Wanna Do It)
Madonna – Celebration