Ep. 51: Shatting on Brittney with Gregg’s Angels

All hell broke loose when Dina invited Sally Hayes and LeeAnn Tooker into the studio to record the latest Dina and Gregg online radio podcast.  Coming off of a brief hiatus from there two year anniversary show, as well as their 50th show at Hot Talk LA, they hit the studio on fire.  Gregg properly defined what a cougar is while almost denying Sally Cougar rights.  Somehow we got on the subject of how LeeAnn is NOT into child pornography and how despite her ability to tone her act down, she still comes off more the PG-13.  There was eventually talk of a Brittany Spears come back and then the Huffington Post’s signs to find out if your husband is gay…. Did I mention Cougar noises?