Ep. 48: Covert Affairs


This amazing Dina & Gregg Show fresh for your podcast listening plreausre has a special guest co-host Nik Wilcox and features a former Petty officer in the Navy Phillip Zimmerman.  Phillip is the author of a tell-all expose about being gay and serving his country “For The Convenience Of The Government”. We get the skinny … Read more

Dina & Gregg Show Celebrates 2 Years


CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE DiGN2It Media and Dina & Gregg Show are proud to announce that June will mark 2 years that Dina and Gregg have been behaving inappropriately for the world to hear.  To celebrate this momentous occasion we will be throwing a spectacular party and live show recording.  Joining … Read more

Ep. 46: Trans-E-Thon!


Dina & Gregg welcome funny man Ian Harvie with guest co-host Langdon Bosarge from “Langdon Nation”.  This podcast is an hour and a half raido gold, not even gold it’s a Trans-E-Thon.  Where is Jerry Lewis when you need him.  The three of us discuss everything from Dating, to comedy to Transgender issues while poor … Read more

Ep. 44: Together Again


Sammy’s got an angel watching over her ass while we open our talk radio show with text speak.  That’s why Dina is ROTFLMAO OTI while Gregg refuses to participate with the Dina Decoder.  We bid adios to Borders and hello to Ten Forward and DiGN2It (http://dign2it.com) with Project Kinect (http://projectkinect.com). In preparation of our 2 … Read more

Ep. 34: A Show For The Mute


It has been a while since Dina and Gregg have had a complete show dedicated to interacting with the audience. Well, in order to do that, the listeners should participate. It wasn’t a lost cause though because these two are great at entertaining themselves. Gregg made Dina take a quiz, had a brief discussion on … Read more

Ep. 33: Poor Julian with guest Julian Clark


Dina and Gregg got actor/comedian Julian Clark in the studio for this show and we don’t know quite what happened. Apparently Julian likes to talk about himself, and we all know Dina likes to talk about herself. One would have expected this to be an egotistical screaming match but somehow they managed to cover all … Read more