Ep 3.7: Eggssss-actly!!!

This show is smooth ride of peaks and valleys from urgent and provoking news to comedic relief. Gregg Potter shares his new beliefs on drinking until the sun is up and how there should be an age where it is no longer acceptable. After this, Dina has a “come to Jesus” conversation with him which is really just a ploy to plug her new church…. Dina-ballah.

Gregg changes the subject to Washington state allowing the gays & lesbians to get married yet on the other side of the country in a land called New Jersey, Chris Christie will not let them get married. Further in the show, Dina Martinez finds out her new career in teaching in Baffalo, NY. She’s already started packing; but not leaving until she gets back into Ancient Aliens which Natalie from Facts of Life is not included. Just listen and find out because we are still attempting to translate this show. Wait for the end though when these two continue the show,after they end it, so they can get into the Whitney Houston death.

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